The “BENRICHO” is the ultimate guide for Japanese living abroad and introduces everything they need to know for a comfortable life.


The publications cover comprehensive information of the cities from essential knowledge for settling in such as visa & residency, driver’s license, medical care including over-the-counter medications, also recreational knowledge for enjoying all aspects of the cities such as restaurants, shopping, entertainment and local trips.


The Benricho series, published by Y’s Publishing, introduces all the necessary knowledge and know-how to spend a comfortable life in respective cities to Japanese living abroad.

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Print Edition “The Benricho series”

Web Edition “New York Benricho”

New York Benricho

This website is for Japanese living in NY.  Whether you are planning to live in NY soon or you are about starting a life in NY, the website provides everything you need to know.

Kikoku Benricho

It is necessary to research and prepare for the education of returnee children before going back to Japan. This site is specialized for education of returnee children and to update the most recent education circumstances in Japan.

Official YouTube Channel

The president of Y’s Publishing talks about what made him come to New York, what made him decide to live in NY permanently. Also, he talks about the encounter with a key person who made him start his own business.