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The Benricho Series from Y’s Publishing provide information in various categories to support Japanese people adjust to the new lives and live comfortably in America. Benricho is based on the actual experiences and research done by the local staff members. The book provides the information crucial for people living in America that is often not covered in travel books. Benricho covers more than 17 different areas in America, and each volume is the bestseller for areas including: New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Washington D.C, Atlanta, Alabama, Tennessee, Dallas, Houston, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky. Number of copies sold in Japan is increasing every year, especially through amazon.co.jp, amazon.com and in bookstores such as Asahiya, Kinokuniya, Yaesu, and Sanshodo located in Narita Air Terminal.

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228 East 45th Street 7th Fl, New York, NY 10017

TEL : (212) 682-9360

FAX : (212) 682-3916


March 1, 1995


Hitoshi Yoshida

7-15-3 5th Yoshida Bld 7th Floor Ginza, Chuouku Tokyo

TEL : (03) 5148-0450

FAX : (03) 5148-0455


TEL : (212)922-9201

Media Apple Co. Ltd.

TEL :(03) 5148-0288

Ice Sports Plaza

TEL :(03) 5778-2002

1. Publishing Service

 -Publishing Benricho Series for 17 cities in America:

  4 cities in Mexico

New York/New Jersey Benricho, Chicago/Mexico Benricho, Detroit Benricho, Boston/WashingtonD.C. Benricho, Southern U.S. Benricho, Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky Benricho, Seattle/Portland Benricho,San Francisco/San Jose Benricho, Weekend Travel Guide Around New York, Kodomo Benricho

  -Publishing Maps for New York Benricho

 -Publishing Tokyo Finder

 -Publishing Kikoku Benricho


 2.Printing Service

 Name Cards, Posters, Brochures, Company Introductions, Greetings, Various Cards etc.


 3.Internet Services

 -Planning, making, and managing the website us-benricho.com

 -Banner advertising sales, production

 -Online shopping


 4.Online Education Service

 -Online cram school for returnees

 -Planning and operating school orientations and lectures using internet

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Business contents

Y's Group

History of Y’s Publishing

 March 1995 — Founded Y’s Publishing Co Inc.

 Received the copyright for New York Benricho from the founders. Turned Benricho into series for 17 different cities in America. Currently publishes 30 different brochures.


 September 2003 — Founded Daily World Press Inc.

 Publishes free daily papers called “Daily Sun” during the weekdays. 36 pages total.

     Special contract newspaper for Sankei Sports and Kyodo News. Available in 300 different places including   Japanese restaurants, grocery stores, schools, cram schools, and companies, free of charge.


 July 2005 — Founded Weekly Business News Corp.

  Publishes free weekly newspaper with 30 years of history called “Business News.” Took over the media from the previous owner and managed to continue to the present. It is popular for providing contents specializing in U.S/Japan business by receiving distribution from the newsletters and Associate Press and doing top interviews with companies. Also helps publish weekly Saturday versions of Daily SUN. It is also distributed to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago free of charge.


September 2007— Founded Y’s Publishing Japan Co. Ltd.

 Created bi-monthly newspaper called Kikoku Benricho. It targets Japanese families living overseas and is started distributing among 14 cities in 9 countries world wide for free. It focuses on the education of returnees to Japan, while also covering the process of moving back and apartment hunting. Starting May 2009, the company decided to switch to publishing the newspaper twice a year (in May and November).